Rebecca Boles

visual artist


I am a socially-engaged textile artist based in Dublin. I am a recent graduate of The National College of Art and Design where I completed my BA in Fine Art Joint Critical Culture.

I am fascinated by the connection between art and health and well-being. It is this connection that I find myself drawn to in every element of my practice. My most recent project is centred around mental health. I am keen to continue exploring how art can benefit people in my future endeavors.



‘Stimming’ is the use of repetition of movements as a form of self-stimulation. These fidgeting movements help people find a sense of calmness and grounding. Through this project I wanted to create interactive jewellery which also holds a unique aesthetic, reflecting the playful nature of stimming actions. By using a combination of bright colours and soft embroidery, this collection aims to be an uplifting distraction to the complex emotions humans face everyday.

ancora, in the making


iNtrUsiOn was created as a way to explore the emotional feelings of trauma, vulnerability, and loneliness that are often felt in society. This project aimed to get people together through stitching and was a community project made in collaboration with The TARA Building. Combining many different styles of embroidery from a variety of different people each pillow was completely unique. Made using recycled textiles and wadding to be as sustainable as possible.



'Little Lemons' was an awareness project to raise money for Breast Cancer Ireland. I held Zoom workshops to teach people how to make lemons and then we dotted them around Ireland and shared them with #ourlittlelemons. These lemons were shared on social media and connected to various information sites and fundraisers for breast cancer research.

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